Event Rules

  1. Wetsuits are compulsory. These must be at least 1.5mm thick and cover the torso and legs.
  2. All wetsuits must be treated for didymo at registration, this will involve the suit being dunked.
  3. All swimmers must be present at the appropriate safety briefing and swim the course as instructed.
  4. All swimmers must start the swim within the designated area.
  5. After the safety briefing, all swimmers must enter the water through the start chute prior to heading to beach start.  Participant must swipe their timing chip on the timing mats to give us an accurate record of the exact swimmers in the water.
  6. Each swimmer must wear the cap provided in the gear bag.  If more than one swim cap is being worn then the event cap must be worn on the outside.
  7. Swim paddles and fins are NOT permitted.
  8. Swimmers must be at least 10 years old on the day of the event for the 1K and 2K distance and 12 years old on the day of the event for the 4.2K distance. Changes to this rule are at the discretion of the Event Director.
  9. Swimmers must be physically fit and medically able to swim this event without assistance.  There is a cut off time at half way of 60 minutes.  You must get out of the water if directed by a race official.  No debate.
  10. 4.2km event swimmers under the age of 14 on the day of the event must have their own kayak support that stays within sight of the swimmer at all times.
  11. Support Kayakers must be at least 16 years old on the day of the event.
  12. Support Kayakers must wear as a minimum a suitable kayaking openwater lifejacket that fits, be able to handle a kayak in rough lake conditions and self rescue if tipped out. Note: Boating lifejackets and inflatable lifejackets are not suitable.
  13. Support Kayaker’s kayaks must be suitable for rough lake conditions.
  14. Support kayakers must have a whistle to hand. We recommend if possible a cell phone stored in a waterproof bag with event Organisers numbers pre-loaded.
  15. Support kayakers must attend the event briefing on the morning of the event at boat ramp of Little Acacia Bay.
  16. Purposely obstructing or impeding the progress of other swimmers in the field is prohibited.
  17. Entry is at your own risk and all swimmers must be registered and have an official number ID on their official swim cap.
  18. Entry is open to any swimmer who is confident in deep water and considers themselves capable of safely completing the swim in allocated time.  You are responsible for deciding whether the swim is within your capabilities, with the conditions on the day and that you are fit and well enough to attempt the swim.
  19. All swimmers and kayakers must obey all instructions from the course Marshalls and Event Director.
  20. In the event of a withdraw, please alert a clearly marked event official.  Timing chips need to be returned to indicate the withdrawal and to ensure your safety we must account for all swimmers.
  21. If you get into difficulty while swimming, raise your arm above your head to attract the attention of a kayaker.  If it is not possible to raise your hand, simply roll onto your back to float in a relaxed position.  Event kayakers will assess the situation and signal for a boat if you need more than encouragement. 
  22. Participation in this event is at the discretion of the Event Director who reserves the right to reject or withdraw any swimmer.
  23. The Event Director's decision is final